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“I come that they may have life, and have life to the full!” John 10:10

School is closed except for vulnerable pupils and children of key workers - If you have any questions, please contact school

How do teachers at Holy Rosary know if children need extra help?

If a child is not making the expected progress in academic lessons then the class teacher will have a discussion with the child’s parents. If the child does not make progress after lessons have been differentiated, then they may access a given intervention. If the child is not making the required progress even with the differentiated sessions and intervention then the child will be given individual interventions and be placed on Special Educational Needs (SEN) after discussions with parents and SENCO.

A child may need support in other areas of school life, such as social and emotional difficulties. If this is the case then the teacher will monitor the child and have discussions with parents and the SENCO. The child may also be referred to the Learning Mentor. However it may be felt after discussions with parents and the SENCO that individual targets may be needed and the child will be considered for SEN support.

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