Get Set for Paris


As a school, we are getting ready for the Olympics due to be held in Paris later in 2024.  This is, as always an exciting event and one which we love to celebrate together.  

In conjunction with Get Set ( our PE scheme provider ), we are embarking on a virtual tour of Paris, visiting many locations along the way.  Each class has their own team and when the children complete a physical activity in school, they log this on the Get Set to Paris app with their QR code and unique code. Each activity converts to miles and each class's team bus moves along its journey around 16 countries to get to the Paris Olympics. Each week in assembly, we celebrate how far each class has travelled and set challenges for the week - we have even introduced a staff team.

As the children have engaged with this so well, they have asked about logging activities they do out of school either as a team or even with their family.  As a result, we have set up a "Holy Rosary Families" Team.  We ask that any time you do any form of activity, you scan the QR code in the poster or visit

Here you will submit your activity under the team Holy Rosary Families and input the code 0944, it will be converted to miles and your team bus will be on its way.  we will share its progress on Twitter X @HRsport and in our weekly assembly.

Each week we will also send home activities for you to try as a family in case you run out of ideas or are looking for inspiration.

Good Luck !!!

Let's see who can reach Paris first.


Mrs Cavanagh