Parent Guide to Attendance

We have created a ‘Parent Guide to Attendance’ to share our expectations with parents and to give some information on how we track and monitor attendance. We have also included a list of reasons that would be be deemed as authorised absences and likewise we have included those that would be unauthorised absences.

Should you  have any questions about you child’s attendance please contact Mrs Green or leave a message for her via the school office.


Please ensure you bring and collect you children at the correct time. It is essential to respect the school times of opening. 

Research has shown that the first 10 minutes of a lesson are the most important and your child is missing this every time they are late.

It is also very disruptive to the class if the teacher has to start the lesson again.

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The Department of Education has amended their policy regarding holiday requests during term time. The law gives no entitlement to parents to take their child on holiday in term time.

Parents taking their child on holiday without consent will receive a Penalty Notice from the Local Authority. Children could also be taken off the school roll which would mean they would no longer have a place on their return from holiday.


Children absent during term time miss learning and need to catch up on missed work which poses a potential risk of under achievement.

Family holidays are recorded as unauthorised absences.


We have now introduced a 100% monthly challenge!  If children achieve 100% attendance each month their name will be entered into a raffle to win one of our special attendance bears.

Here are our winners so far:

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