Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching is founded in Scripture and includes statements and letters written by Church leaders. It offers wisdom and insights on living the Gospel in today’s world.

Jesus tells us to love God and to love our neighbours, especially our sisters and brothers living in poverty. We use Catholic Social Teaching principles to guide our actions in our daily lives.


Pope Francis continues to add to Catholic Social Teaching with his own encyclicals, including Laudato Si’ (2015) and Fratelli Tutti (2020).

From these Catholic Social Teaching documents and encyclicals we derive core principles.

Catholic Social Teaching at Holy Rosary

Catholic Social Teaching (CST) is a key part of life at Holy Rosary. To help our community to understand and embrace these principles, we use a range of different resources.

Display posters depicting the key principles have been created and are displayed around the school. These are linked to scripture and the images used are accompanied by a symbol to help children make links to these principles.

Dignity of the Human Person 


Family and Community

CST 2. docx.jpg

Solidarity and Common Good

CST 3. docx.jpg

Rights and Responsibilities

CST 4. docx.jpg

Dignity of Work

CST 6..jpg

Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

CST 5. docx.jpg


CST 7. docx.jpg

Staff use these to develop their knowledge and understanding of how to live out that principle in their daily lives. 

symbol grid.jpg

The Symbols we use in school are used to show links between these principles and our everyday lives. These symbols are used in all lessons in school to show their links to other subject areas. These have been used to create stickers that are added to pieces of work when themes link to Catholic Social teaching.

IMG_1917.jpg Each class has taken responsibility for developing a Catholic Social teaching pole which is displayed on the path into school and displays the symbols of the Catholic teaching principles.

Caritas in Action

Each week we award The Caritas "Love in action" award. These children have been recognised for their commitment to putting love in action in our school community.  Here are our Award winners.