School Council

Welcome to our School Council page!

The aims of the school council are to:

  • Develop the concepts of citizenship, democracy, fairness, rights and responsibilities of all children at Holy Rosary school.
  • Give children the opportunity to work considerately, fairly and cooperatively using democratic procedures to make and implement decisions in areas which affect their lives in school.
  • Give all children a means to express their views on issues in school which affect them.
  • Give children an opportunity to have an input on school policy.

School Council Contract

I promise
to be polite,
to be helpful,
to be kind,
and to be a good role model to all.
I promise to tell the teacher if there is a problem,
to develop a caring school by respecting other people’s ideas,
to always talk to others quietly and considerately
and to work with others to make decisions and solve problems.