Faith Team

Meet the Faith Team

Faith Team adult: Mrs Dootson


On behalf of myself, the headteacher, the governors and all the staff I would like to warmly welcome our Faith Team members appointed in September 2023

These children are in our current Year 5 & 6 classes.

We know you’ll do a fantastic job as God is in your hearts


The Role of the Faith Team

The role of The Faith Team is to support the Catholic Life of the School.

They are entrusted with the responsibility of:
• Giving joyful witness of Christ in our school.
• Providing support for staff in the delivery of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all pupils across the curriculum.
• Pastoral care of staff and pupils.
• Assisting with the delivery and development of the prayer life of the school supporting assemblies, class prayer times and prayer groups.
• Developing the use of a chapel for anyone in school to use.
• Being present on parents’ afternoons and/or evenings, and other school events, to help with the welcome of all the community.
• Organising a variety of events to support local, national and international charities, for example: Cornerstone; Cancer charities; Local Food Banks

A guide to the role of the Faith team can be found here


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Our plan for this year....

Faith Team action plan 2023-24.jpeg

So far this year, we have...

  • 3 members of the Faith Team attended the Hope in the Future event and met the Bishop.
  • Feast of the Holy Rosary - Children invited to pray the Rosary in the Chapel daily before school.
  • Holy Rosary Feast Day - Faith Team led Celebration for the Word in the hall for the whole school followed by activities in each class.  Class book made for each altar.
  • Harvest - Faith Team led the celebration of the word in each class.
  • Remembrance - Service on the hall and each class made a poppy wreath to bring and present.
  • All souls day - Hearts send home with every child, names put on of people who have died and brought back into school.  These were put on class altars and used in celebration of the word.
  • Advent - Faith Team led celebration of the word in classes and with Stay and Pray sessions with parents.  Faith Team assisted in Advent mass
  • Christmas Carol Fundraising coffee morning for Macmillian.
  • Holy Name Jesus - Stay and Pray sessions with parents
  • Epiphany - Whole school display created in the chapel with work from each class.
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Hope in the Future

On 3rd October, Mrs Dootson and three members of the Faith Team attended Hope in the Future Schools’ Celebration. The theme of the event was ‘Together we are Ambassadors for Christ’. The day was a celebration for all, with key speakers and a liturgy led by Bishop John. Mrs Dootson and the children all enjoyed the day and couldn’t wait to share what they had done when they got back to school. 


Feast of the Holy Rosary

Our Faith Team led a whole school assembly dedicated to Our Lady, during which the school joined together to say a decade of the Rosary. During the month of October, the Faith Team also led morning Rosary Sessions. The sessions were held from 8:30am and all who attended received their own Rosary Beads. The children were excited by this, and they were well attended.


Remembrance Day

During the week before Remembrance Day, The Faith Team have co-ordinated the British Legion poppy appeal. The Faith Team also lead a liturgy for each class. The liturgy involved all children laying poppies as a mark of respect. 





The minutes of our discussions and actions can be seen below: